Appeals and appellate practice 

Where the outcome of litigation is not as expected, Schulte Booth, PC, has extensive experience in representing clients in the appellate courts of the state of Maryland and the federal judiciary. Having served on both of Maryland's appellate courts, Mr. Schulte is well-versed in appellate practice and protocol, and enjoys numerous appeals to his credit.

​Aviation law

Aircraft owners, operators and passengers are governed by a dizzying array of state and federal laws, including the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code, local tax codes, as well as security regulations promulgated by the Transportation Security Authority (TSA). We help clients in wrongful death actions as a result of airplane crashes and incidents, including Federal Tort Claims Act claims against the Federal Aviation Administration and other like-agencies as well as claims against the Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy as the result of military air crashes the under Military Claims Act. We also defend license holders before the FAA and NTBS in certificate action and civil penalty actions initiated by the the Federal Aviation  Administration.

Business litigation

Every business operates in a legal environment. Both federal and state laws govern every facet of modern day business operations. We represent clients through all types of business, commercial and contract disputes.

Civil liberties

Have you been the victim of police brutality or excessive force? Have your constitutional rights been violated? Has the government overstepped its authority? The Constitution means something and our attorneys are passionate about defending it and the people it was written to protect.

​Construction law

Schulte Booth is experienced in both residential and commercial construction law. Our lawyers represent owners, contractors and other professionals involved in the various aspects of construction, from contract formation through resolution of payment and performance disputes.

​Estate disputes

Wills can be ambiguous. At Schulte Booth, we guide people through estate litigation and will disputes with experience and compassion.

​​Personal injury and death litigation

People, through no fault of their own, are injured every day and even tragically killed in automobile accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, airplane accidents, at work or while out in public. If you have been injured, or have lost a loved one, our Baltimore injury attorneys work hard to get you fair compensation for your injuries.

​Property land use and zoning

We represent clients with title issues, contractual disputes, boundary disputes, adverse possession, premises liability matters, disputes between neighbors, property loss and insurance disputes, as well as zoning and eminent domain matters.

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